Dusty Wolwerivier Devastates Evictees

Reclaim the City supporter, Delia Smith (68), is one of the people facing eviction proposed by the City of Cape Town. She has been living in Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town for many years, now the City councillor compels her to start all over again. Her neighbour Faghmeeda Ling a school teacher is also faced with relocation to the City’s outskirt.

Blikkiesdorp was established in 2007 & is situated 27km away from Cape Town. Wolwerivier is another relocation camp which is located 30km away from the inner city. These two relocation camps were established as temporary emergency housing for evictees. Reclaim the City supporters embarked on their first journey to see the Wolwerivier, the relocation camp the councillor provides for evictees. The City of Cape Town ensured Albert Road residents that Wolwerivier is in good conditions however, Albert Road residents are opposing this

The Tafelberg Play in Sea Point

Land For Living March (Preparation)

Reclaim the City, Social Justice Coalition and District 6 Working Committee embarked on the Land For Living march. Reclaim the City’s supporter and activist Bevil Lucas, explains to us the significance of the march.

Land for Living March (The March)

Reclaim the City, Social Justice Coalition & District 6 Working Committee joined forced in solidarity to fight against evictions to relocation camps by the City of Cape Town. The march also fought against land sale to private sectors. Supporters marched to the Civic Centre to deliver their demands to the City.

Comrade uRasta’s Memorial Service

Reclaim the City supporter, Bevil Lucas pays his last respect to Zamuxolo Patrick “Rasta” Dolophini.
One of our strongest supporters who was fatally stabbed by a security guard.
Rasta stood for affordable housing in the inner-city of Cape Town. Bevil shares Rasta’s ideologies…

“We want our houses here, we clean your houses and give your dogs food. But, we have no place, enough is enough!” says Lucas.

We’ve Had Enough with Delays From the Police (at Rasta’s memorial)

Nkosikhona Swartbooi gives a memorundum to the Police Commander of Sea Point during Rasta’s memorial.

“I am not threatening this is a promise, the next time we gather here for issues regarding the police it will be at the police station we will go and occupy the police station should these issues not be dealt with care and manner.”

Rest in Power Zamuxolo ‘Rasta’ Dolophini (Rasta’s funeral)

Reclaim the City supporters and Ndifuna Ukwazi staff members accompanied Elizabeth Gqoboka to pay their last respect to Rasta who was laid to rest on Saturday 31/03/18 in Queenstown, Eastern Cape.

Pine Road Fire Breaks Out

A fire broke out in Pine Road in the early hours of this morning, claiming two homes. Washiela and Reza Shaigh lost their 9-month-old baby girl. Maria Fielies is a pensioner and survives on a disability grant. The families lost everything and they need support from our community. 

Advice Assembly PROMO VIDEO

Join our Advice Assemblies every Tuesdays from 19:00 to 21:00.
Venues: Cissie Gool House ( 77 Mountain Road, Woodstock)
Sea Point Methodist Church (Main Road, Sea Point)

Reclaim the City is a movement of Cape Town residents, drawn from across barriers of class and race, who recognise the injustice and pain caused by spatial apartheid in our city. We advocate for state-subsidised, affordable housing development in the inner city, and demand that poor families’ homes and rights to remain near the city are protected.

I Am An Occupier 

“I am a manager & I am working for one of biggest companies in the country, however, I am not able to afford to buy my own house and it has affected me so much to a point where I had to come & occupy.”
Bongi Mabala – Reclaim the City supporter.


I Am An Occupier

“Evictions mean homelessness for some people, destitute.” Thandi Tyalana – Reclaim the City supporter

WATCH: Thandi talks about evictions posed to Ahmed Kathrada House also known as the Helen Bowden Nurse’s Home.