Reclaim the City spokesperson Elizabeth Gqoboka marching with other supporters to #StopTheSale of Tafelberg in Sea Point, June 2016.

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For comment related to Sea Point

Elizabeth Gqoboka (Reclaim the City: spokesperson, Sea Point)

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Zacharia Mashele (Ndifuna Ukwazi: Communications officer)

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Reclaim the City Press Releases

Sea Point’s Domestic Workers March to Reclaim the City (2 March 2016)

Reclaim the City rejects secret mediation on Tafelberg Site (10 March 2016)

Reclaim the City takes Province to court to interdict the sale of Tafelberg (11 April 2016)

Government Documents Revealing Inconsistencies in Tafelberg Sale (12 April 2016)

Reclaim the City claim its first victory; Premier Zille ducks and dives (14 April 2016)

Victory for Reclaim the City – Helen Zille agrees to #StopTheSale of Tafelberg (5 May 2016)

Tafelberg 21 day comments period a test for government (6 May 2016)

Object to the sale of Tafelberg: your chance to help reverse apartheid planning in Cape Town (19 May 2016)

Call for support: #StopTheSale of Tafelberg and desegregate Cape Town_01 (19 May 2016)

Call for support: #StopTheSale of Tafelberg and desegregate Cape Town_02 (19 May 2016)

Reclaim the City supporters lodge racism complaint against David Polovin of SFB Ratepayers (26 May 2016)

Premier Helen Zille must #StopTheSale of Tafelberg (9 June 2016)

Sea Point domestic workers outraged by Gary Fishers’ involvement in Tafelberg sale (17 July 2016)

Premier Helen Zille must suspend special adviser Gary Fisher and #StopTheSale of Tafelberg (21 July 2016)

Public Works MEC Donald Grant lied to Provincial Parliament and the public about where the Tafelberg sale proceeds would be spent (24 July 2016)

RTC condemns the ANC’s local government election opportunism (27 July 2016)

Bromwell Street resist developers who target poor people’s homes (28 August 2016)

Bromwell Street tenants welcome meeting with Woodstock Hub (1 September 2016)