How to become a member

This section has been covered on our Interim Constitution that was adopted on the 9th of August 2018. If you would like to read our Constitution Click here

Section 4: Membership

11. A member:
11.1. Must be sixteen years’ old or older;
11.2. Must belong to a Chapter of Reclaim the City;
11.3. Must reside in the local community of the
11.3.1. If a person wants to be a member but
does not live in the local community,
written permission must be sought
from the Chapter Leadership Committee;
11.4. Has voting rights within their Chapter if they
are 18 years’ old or older at the time of voting;
11.5. Must be active as defined in the Definitions
Section, and must remain committed and regularly
attend and participate in meetings, actions
and events of that Chapter; and

11.6. Must abide by Reclaim The City’s Constitution.

Becoming a Member

12. To become a member, an individual must:
12.1. Attend at least four Chapter meetings, actions
or events hosted by Reclaim the City or
their Chapter;
12.2. Complete a membership form;
12.3. Complete an induction process;
12.4. Pay the annual membership fee of R50.00 and
must receive a membership card. Members
may receive a temporary membership card
in the event that the issuing of a permanent
card is delayed; and
12.5. Sign a declaration accepting to abide by Reclaim
the City’s Constitution and Code of
Conduct, and any amendment thereto